About Us

Our Company

When Ravi, our founder and CEO, set out to start a small business ten years ago, he had a few simple goals: Make great software, engage customers with integrity, and create opportunity for other people. In the early days, he pursued those passions in his basement office, working as an independent software consultant. Ravi’s staff began to grow, and so did his clientele. It was not long before Smart Data had developed a reputation for being a place that treats its clients and employees exceptionally well, and produces high-quality work that exceeds expectations.

The last few years have been fruitful for Ravi and his team. New leaders have joined him in his mission that now includes a staff over 50 people. New customers continue to hear the story, and put their trust Smart Data as a partner. Perhaps more telling, long-time customers keep coming back. We listen to our clients and treat their needs as if they were our own to ensure projects run smoothly and high-quality software is delivered that fulfills those needs. This concept has been the key that energized Smart Data’s success in its formative years, and is a tradition that continues today.

Our Culture

Collaboration is at the heart of Smart Data. We engineered our office to support interaction between team members and our customers. We depend on one another, and that has made us a pretty close family of software developers, business professionals, and technical experts. We have a flat organization structure and approachable leadership that lends to an autonomous work environment. Trust and respect is what gives us an exceptional team environment, and it’s why we can have fun at work. We love what we do!

Our Process

Technology changes, but one thing stays the same – when you have a tough job to tackle, there are no shortcuts, no quick fixes. Doing the job right means rolling up your sleeves and digging in. It’s why we start with collaboration. When we go beyond software development to understanding how your organization does business, we’re not just building a better product, we’re building business solutions. It’s what makes Smart Data different. It’s why we start working with a client and leave working with a new partner.

Our People