SAP Mobility

The Problem

Amazon has raised the bar for the traditional service experience – we can now order almost any product and it will show up on our doorsteps in a few days. We can also track its movement from the moment we order to the moment it is delivered. As consumers, we now expect the same level of service, transparency, and tracking from all our vendors.

In order to achieve such level of service, vendor’s company data has to flow easily between their backend systems and their sales and service personnel. Unfortunately, for many companies, this data stays “caged” in their SAP systems and accessible only to their office personnel. When mobile workforce needs a real-time access to it, company IT is usually slow to respond due to the complexity or lack of skills interacting with SAP. Even when IT finds a 3rd party solution, they are usually expensive, outdated and often designed for a “generic” workflows and don’t support the “secret sauce” that companies have refined over the years to better serve their customers.

How We Helped

Smart Data partnered with Enosix Inc (a developer of SAP middleware) to provide custom solutions that help mobilize SAP based back-office processes and make SAP data available on modern mobile devices in real time. Our solutions extend the existing (custom) SAP business process and provide modern, iPhone/iPad/Android mobile applications that empower mobile workforce. Our solutions provide real-time interactions with SAP and support both online and offline scenarios. In addition, the availability of real-time data from customer locations also dramatically improves inventory management, resource planning, and overall customer satisfaction.


  • Smart Data developed a suite of iPad applications for a large coffee equipment manufacturer. Our solutions mobilized multiple SAP warehouse processes such as Kanban Boards, Cycle Counting and Inspection Lots.
  • Smart Data is helping service supervisors better track service requests and technician locations in real time. Smart Data is developing a specialized iPad dispatching application to manage service requests, and nearby technicians and their schedules.
  • Smart Data is streamlining field services operations using an iPhone applications that automate the entire service workflow – receiving service notifications, ordering parts and equipment, completing service requests, managing Truck inventory and cycle counting. Each technician has access to SAP information in real-time and can complete their work either on-line or offline (in this case all offline information is automatically synced once connection is available).