User Experience Design

At SDS we understand that our software is being used by human beings and we put a lot of attention to make sure that the experience we provide is intuitive, pleasant and delightful. Our in-house team of User interface designers and User Experience specialists is involved from the beginning of the product development cycle and ensures that the end-product matches our usability standards.

Our UI/UX process revolves around two key concepts: Start with a Mobile First perspective and Optimize the application for Important Functions. Starting with Mobile First drives us to keep the scope of the project, screen design and interactions simple. Focusing on the Important Functions enables us to identify the small number of tasks (often as few as 20%) that users utilize most often (usually 80% of the time). Once we identify the Important Functions, we spend extra effort to ensure that those tasks are simple and intuitive to use. We strive to make user interactions obvious and intuitive. We also consider the user’s initial onboarding very important and focus on providing a positive first impression.


Download SDS UI/UX Process Whitepaper