Science Based Nutrition

Troubles With An Expanding Network

Growing numbers of patients following the advice of their medical care providers are searching for holistic treatments. For more than 15 years, Science Based Nutrition (SBN) offers services to doctors across the country, connecting them with information and other resources they need to provide the type of holistic treatment patients seek through comprehensive medical and lifestyle influence. Information was flowing from multiple sources, and it became clear a system was needed to analyze confidential material in order to provide accurate recommendations. SBN needed a user-friendly solution to pass this information quickly and efficiently between medical consultants. Given the sensitive nature of the data, the program must be secure and maintain HIPPA compliance.

Reputation Speaks Volumes

Choosing the right data system solution involved finding a partner SBN could trust. The company’s reputation hangs with its ability to connect medical professionals with the resources they need to provide patients the level of care they deserve all the while ensuring confidentiality and HIPPA compliance. Underwhelmed with the performance of a previous vendor, SBN was attracted to Smart Data for its track record of client attention and support services. SBN also sought a vendor with healthcare industry expertise, who would understand the need for security and tight deadlines. Again, Smart Data checked off all the right boxes.

Reading The Greens

Smart Data deployed its proven process of fully integrating its team with the client to better appreciate workflows, the nature and frequency of member requests, the types of data needed to fulfill those requests, and the responses from staff triggered by those requests. After careful observation, listening, and interacting with SBN, the Smart Data team determined the best custom-built ticket system for SBN staff and members.

Building A Better System

Working alongside SBN subject-matter experts, staff, and healthcare professionals, the Smart Data team developed custom software with various workflows. Smart Data performed in-house reviews, giving those subject-matter experts the ability to “test drive” the application and provide feedback. Additionally, the Smart Data team created a question-and-answer environment, using existing member data. SBN could now perform user acceptance testing while the software was still in development. Using this critical insight, Smart Data discovered a method to filter tickets that would allow improved visibility for health professionals and staff. Having the ability to prioritize tickets increased SBN’s task-completion efficiency. Of course, the original requirements of security and HIPPA compliance also were met, but the delivery of service and software that surpassed expectations is what elevated Smart Data from “vendor” to “partner.”

“SBN has worked with Smart Data on several projects now including some with demanding requirements and relatively short timelines. The Smart Data team has delivered successfully in each case and continues to be the partner of choice for new projects.”

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Projects and Resources

  • The backend is written in Node and Hapi framework.
  • The persistant layer is a PostgresSQL database.
  • The frontend is written in AngularJS , the build tool is Grunt and the code generator is Yeoman.
  • The ORM is using Bookshelf and the authentication is JWT.
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